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Dr. James Lindstrom has been trusted by animals and their owners for over 37 years!

Bandera County Veterinary Clinic


Voted the Best Veterinary Clinic in Bandera County!


Bandera County Veterinary Clinic
Medina, Texas

Large & Small Animals
Medicine & Surgery

Dr. Lindstrom Specializes in:
Horses (Equine) Cows (Bovine)
Dogs (Canine) Cats (Feline)
Sheep (Ovine) Goats (Caprine)
Pigs (Swine) Exotics


Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday 8 am - 5 pm
Closed from 12 noon to 1 pm for lunch
Friday - 8 am - 12 noon
Saturday by appointment only.

Read more about Dr. James Lindstrom
in an article in the Bandera County Courier newspaper.

Dr. James Lindstrom
James L. Lindstrom, DVM
Bandera County Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Lindstrom received his B.S. in Science and his DVM in Veterinary Medicine from Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas.

The Bandera County Veterinary Clinic is located in
beautiful downtown Medina, Texas.



A Kind and Gentle Man
We were in Bandera County on vacation and our dog suffered a stroke. Dr. Lindstrom and his staff gave up their Sunday to care for our beloved pet, Jake. They were knowledgeable and caring and made us feel like they had nothing else to do that day but take care of us. How grateful we are for him. We are now back home and all is going well. If we lived in the area Dr. Lindstrom would certainly be our veterinarian, you all are very lucky to have him.
~ October 27, 2010 by Rita Reid in Birmingham, MI

Recommending Doctor Lindstrom
I want to let everyone in Medina know how lucky they are to have Doctor Lindstrom in the area. We are losing him here in Buda and we hate it! He knows so much about treating horses and has taken care of routine and emergency situations for us for lots of years. Best wishes to him - we will miss him but I know he wants to be with his family full time.
~ October 21, 2010 by Priscilla Bettes in Buda, TX

Bandera County Vet Clinic 5 Great Veterinarian
We are so pleased to have Dr. Lindstrom in our little town. He is a great vet, very informative and helpful. He takes emergency calls for which we are very grateful. We welcome him with open arms to Medina and recommend him to everyone.
~ October 13, 2010 by Mary Faris in Medina, TX

Dr. James Lindstrom, Bandera County Veterinary Clinic, Medina, Texas